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We will send you a gift card in return for a photo or video review of our products!

How It Works ❓

1. Capture a shot or video of SCOUT products.

Grab your smartphone or tablet and get creative! See the image & video requirements below.

2. Send us your photo or video.

Email us at using subject line: SCOUT Photo & Video Rewards

3. Get a discount for your next purchase.

As soon as we receive your email, we’ll send out your gift card (30$ for a photo and $50 for a video).

Requirements ✔️

To qualify for the gift card, your visuals must meet these requirements:


- Must be high-quality (grainy & blurry photos won’t be accepted)
- Clearly show our product in a nice setting
- Or, if you wish, send us a selfie with our product!


- Must be 20-50 seconds long
- Mention our company name: SCOUT Organic Active Beauty
- Clearly show your face and our product
- Review your experience using the product - what do you love about it? How have you benefited from using it? If your friend was on the fence about trying our products, what would you tell them?

By sending us your photos and images, you allow us to use them on our website, social media profiles and other platforms.

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