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Article: 4 Reasons You Need To Switch To Breathable Nail Polish Now

SCOUT Organic Active Beauty - 4 Reasons You Need To Switch To Breathable Nail Polish Now

4 Reasons You Need To Switch To Breathable Nail Polish Now

Yes, SCOUT Nova Flores nail polish is breathable.

From time to time I smile to myself when I hear the comment –‘breathable, hah, fingernails don’t have noses’.

I smile because, yes, that is true and in the context of your nails, breathable is a metaphor to describe another physical process going on. Lots of ‘nose-less’ things are said to breathe – trees, wine, cuts and engines come to mind.

So technically, you have got me. Nails don’t actually inhale and exhale air to survive and actually receive their nutrients, oxygen, and blood supply from the blood stream and not from the air. However, let's talk about some advantages of using a breathable nail polish formulation that you won’t get when using other formulas.

So, What is a breathable formulation?

If you love science like I do you will love this explanation - In theory, if oxygen can permeate a film then hydrogen attached to oxygen can also travel with the oxygen, therefore, enabling water to transfer from one side of the film to the other i.e. the film is “breathable”.

Similarly, thanks to a unique polymer, a breathable formulation permits nails to breathe by allowing oxygen and moisture molecules to freely pass through the nail polish layer even after multiple coats are applied. While the majority of other nail formulations are composed of rigid molecular bonds that stack on top of each other in a straight line, breathable nail polish formulations feature molecules in a zig-zag pattern that have small gaps between one another, allowing oxygen and water to reach the nail, even through multiple layers of polish.

This helps keep the nail bed hydrated and healthy, preventing them from becoming frail and weak due to a lack of oxygen. It also helps the nail to preserve its natural integrity and therefore minimize chipping and peeling.

All without compromising on vibrancy, chip resistance, the richness of colour and shine

Why should I switch to Breathable?  4 Compelling reasons right here!

  1. Farewell to Toxic Chemicals

Many nail polish formulations contain known toxic substances, like formaldehyde, camphor and toluene. These and other toxic chemicals are not in breathable nail polish formulations. This good news extends beyond your nails. So you aren't exposing yourself to known toxic chemicals that are linked to many health issues, including cancer. That’s a benefit everyone can get behind.  

But wait there’s more! Skipping those chemicals leaves more room for the good stuff. Breathable nail polishes promote healthy and strong nails. In the past, it was recommended that you take breaks from having your nails done to prevent brittle and tarnished nails. Breathable formulas help your nails stay hydrated and nourished.  

  1. Hello Healthy nails

Did you know that nails are oily? Yep, like your skin your nails are actually ‘hydrated’ by their natural oils.  It’s what keeps them flexible and nourished. Traditional polish may trap these oils and damage the nails. Breathable nail polish allows the natural movement of oil through and then off the nail. This means your nails stay more naturally hydrated but don’t become excessively soft or weak.

It has also been suggested in the literature that nail cells expand and contract as they absorb and hold moisture, making any nail polish split and chip whereas a breathable formula to be more permeable than our traditional nail lacquer,"

  1. Manicures for Days

If you are like me, you will have had the experience of a seeming perfect nail polish application mysteriously chip and peel. Let me tell you, the number one reason for this is that you have a build-up of oil on your nails and your polish can’t ‘adhere’ to it. No guessing what happens when you’re nail polish can’t grip, you get chips. Some people have particularly oily nails and I recommend cleansing the nails prior to applying polish. And don’t forget, even if you do not have an oil issue, wash you hands well because hand cream and other residuals can have a major impact on the polish.

Breathable polish makes for a stronger, resilient manicure. If applied properly, SCOUT nail polishes lasts around 5-7 days without chipping (unless of course you work with your hands in a strenuous way). Incidentally, this is also why we recommend using a breathable dual base & top coat before applying colour.

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  1. Breathe easy between looks

If you’re looking to give your nails a little rest between wears, but want to maintain their length and strength, our Breathable Base & Top Coat makes for a great clear coat and also doubles as a nail hardener due to the natural nail hardening capabilities of Celery Seed.

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My story with breathable formulations

As a long time fan of nail polish, it was really important to me to offer our customers a nail polish that would help improve the health of their nails, while also delivering a long-lasting finish.

Unfortunately, a high volume of nail polishes being sold today are actually potentially harmful to our nails.

This is not just due to the ingredients they contain but the fact that they do not allow molecules of water and oxygen to pass through the layers of polish. As a result of this impermeable barrier, the nails may become dry, brittle, and discoloured.

Eager to provide our customers with a healthier option, we developed our range of Breathable Nail Polish and boosted them with superfoods, vitamins, and botanicals.

Along with this, to further enhance nail health we made sure to omit known allergens and potential carcinogens from the formulation, such as Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Benzophenone and Parabens.


Our non-toxic nail polish does not contain and has never contained Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, and Triphenyl Phosphate. The formula also is preservative-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

As a result, our customers can rest assured that our nail polishes will not have an adverse effect on their nail health.

Most traditional nail polish formulations require breaks to be taken in between manicures to prevent nails from becoming damaged. However, thanks to our breathable and safe nail polish formulation, you never have to take a break from vibrant, colourful nails.

I am thrilled that SCOUT is now an even ‘cleaner’ choice!

Nova Flores is Latin for ‘fresh flowers’ and, for me, it is reminiscent of my dad’s lush flower and vegetable gardens which have always been an inspiration for me to live a healthy, natural and toxin reduced life.

More Natural Ingredients

It's the perfect name for the new formulation because now you can have all your favourite SCOUT colours and clear base & top coat that is 75% derived from natural origins 82% of which is derived from everyday vegetables such as potato and corn.

Our breathable Nova Flores polish is infused and enriched with the same powerful uniquely Australian Super Food ingredients, vitamins and botanicals that synergistically work together to nourish, strengthen, hydrate and revitalise your nails.

High-quality ingredients such as camellia oil (natural anti-fungal)  celery seed (natural nail hardener), bamboo and broccoli seed extract, which allows oxygen molecules to reach the nail bed, even through multiple layers of polish.

This keeps the nail bed hydrated and healthy, preventing them from becoming brittle and weak. Our collection combines quality, fashionable colours and shine with a blend of essential oils for a delicate scent when dry.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

Of course, SCOUT Nail Polish formulation is free from potentially harmful chemicals and toxins present in conventional nail polish brands, such as Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Benzophenone or Parabens. It does not contain Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene and Triphenyl Phosphate, as well as being free from artificial fragrances and preservatives.

Sylvie xx