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Our Certifications

Our Certifications

At SCOUT, we have committed to creating an Organic Active Beauty range that draws on the highest quality organic ingredients and ethical practices to empower you to look and feel beautiful with a clear conscience.

We have aligned with a series of organisations, accreditations and certifications that hold the highest and most stringent standards for organic beauty so that you know you’re receiving genuinely organic, clean and natural beauty products.

To help you navigate our accreditations, we have broken down their meaning to demonstrate our continued dedication to using sustainable and natural ingredients in all of our products.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

Australian Certified Organic is one of the largest, most well-known and perhaps most stringent accreditation for organic produce and products in Australasia. An ACO accreditation gives you independent assurance that the ingredients in your beauty products are ethically produced and genuinely organic.

An Australian Certified organic product is made using a production process free from pesticides, artificial fertilisers and synthetic chemicals. Only organic ingredients are used wherever they are reasonably available. The non-organic ingredients must not include petrochemicals, synthetic colours/fragrances, parfums, or be made using harsh chemical processes such as hydrogenation and sulfuration, Naturally-mined minerals, clays, chalks, pumice and salts are allowed. All products and their ingredients may not be tested on animals. 

ACO has two categories for accrediting organic beauty:

Certified Organic: The product contains a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients (not including salt and water) while the remaining 5% is made up of other ACO approved ingredients.

Made with Certified Organic ingredients: The product contains 70–95% Certified Organic ingredients (not including salt and water) while the remaining ingredients are sourced from ACO approved, non-organic origins.


The COSMOS certification functions as a global collaboration between five different European Organic Certification bodies. COSMOS requires that the percentages of Certified Organic ingredients be clearly displayed on the packaging and that a product contains no genetic modification or irradiated ingredients. Further, a COSMOS certification promises sustainable product packaging, contents that do not contain harmful plastics known as nanoparticles or any animal testing.

At SCOUT, we’re committed to formulating natural, active, organic beauty products that empower you to radiate natural beauty with a clear conscience.