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Our Founder

Sylvie - Founder

For years Sylvie Hutchings, Creative Director and Founder of SCOUT sought out cosmetics that were labelled to be natural and free from toxic chemicals yet effective. Sylvie found that very few products available held up to these claims. This struggle to find natural and organic cosmetics that also delivered on performance was the key to igniting Sylvie’s passion for the birth of SCOUT. The brand is a manifestation of Sylvie’s love of natural products, expertise in natural therapies, passion for colour cosmetics and fashionable trends.

“I wanted to be able to offer innovative products which benefited from healthy aging science that not only enhanced your natural beauty, but also looked after your skin and more importantly delivered visible results. I wanted to be able to offer an exciting alternative to ‘mainstream’ brands without the inclusion of potentially harmful and toxic ingredients, but were still high in quality and performance,” Sylvie explains.

This is why SCOUT is certified organic, Australian made using high percentages of ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and formulated by experts. SCOUT products are cruelty-free and vegan, with no harmful, toxic or animal derived ingredients used in any of our formulas.

As a cancer survivor and being proactive in helping others with the disease, clean beauty products that help make you look and feel beautiful is vital for Sylvie. These values transcend throughout SCOUT as she continuously aims to create an advanced Organic Active Beauty range that empowers you to feel beautiful, special and self-empowered, knowing that you can wear our products with a clear conscience.