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Article: How Much Product Do You Really Need?

How Much Product Do You Really Need?

How Much Product Do You Really Need?

I love skincare simplicity but ‘how much product’ can be a complicated issue.

How much is ‘a small amount’, ‘a pump’, ‘a walnut’ or my favourite ‘a small squeeze’?

And what about application technique? Do we dab, rub or pat to get the best result?

Many of us tend to overdo it with application because ‘more seems better’ and there is no guide on how much product you require for your skin type.

Your skin may also crave some product, so it is important to know when enough is enough.

In this guide, I will give my perspective on how much of each product should be used and how to customise your skincare routine based on your skin's needs. It is not ‘rocket science’ but can be a personalised matter for your individual skin.

Size does matter

How much product you should be applying does matter.

Too much of one product could cause breakouts, strip the skin or block pores (not to mention waste money). More does not mean the product will work better or that result will be achieved quicker. Too little product may mean your skin will not get the benefits of active ingredients or not obtain the protection from exposure and potential damage from sunlight, free radicals or pollution.

As a general rule, with products with more active ingredients, you do not need to apply as much for the same skin area.

How much Cleanser

Your cleanser does a very important job - it sloughs away dirt, impurities and can remove your makeup. So, as I have written before,you need to be using enough to do the job properly. But using too much can dry out your skin as too many natural oils are stripped away.

Whether you choose a wash-off or a cream cleanser, a 35mm circle should be all you need for a twice a day cleanse (at SCOUT, this is two full pumps).

Often your skin will tell you when you have it right because it will ‘feel fresh’ but not stripped, irritated or crying out for moisturiser. Apply a cleanser with a damp hand and gently massage over the face.  Remove with a warm, wet face cloth. Steps can be repeated for hard to remove makeup but again be gentle and avoid rushing the process.

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How much Vitamin C Serum

Great for targeted skincare, the objectives of a serum can vary (anti-ageing, moisture-boosting or even skin-repairing) but the amount you use doesn’t.

Only 2 or 3 drops are required every morning and night. Apply directly on the face with a drop to the forehead and a drop on each cheek.

Remember, if there is any irritation, start by building up slowly to help the skin to adapt. For example, every third night for a week, then on alternate nights for a week and then going for nightly use.

Patience and consistency is how to get results.

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How much Moisturiser

Hydration is a biggie.

And like lip balm, moisturisers can almost become addictive in the face of air-conditioning, heat, cold, wind and regular makeup removal. A hydration hit anyone?

While a good moisturiser will soothe dry skin, too much or too rich can also clog your pores and leave your skin feeling suffocated and greasy.

Each skin is different but a 15-20mm circle (at SCOUT, this is one and a half  full pumps) should be sufficient.

Size of a five pence piece for a full face and neck application.

If you think you are using about the right amount and your skin still feels dry and thirsty, it is likely you need to switch to a richer moisturiser and serum combination. 

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How much Eye Cream

We have all seen images of a model with five or six big dots of eye crème under each eye.

In my view this is likely to be way too much.

I always start with three dots or one pump for each eye with a dot being about the size of a grain of rice.

Eye creams typically contain potent active ingredients and are highly concentrated and too much can lead to irritation, inflammation and hypersensitivity.

Being too sparing will simply not achieve the results you need.

So a little goes a long way is a good mantra and approach when you start an eye crème regime.

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What about Sunscreen

How much sunscreen?

Is prevention better than cure?

As the head of a beauty brand based in sunny Australia, this one is easy!

Carefully follow the directions of the manufacturer.

Applying an appropriate amount of SPF is important as longer term exposure to potentially harmful rays can result in sun damage and premature aging. Often you do not even realise you are exposed.

As a highly regulated product line with a very important objective there is no room for not being not being protected sufficiently.

Always be prepared for the amount of sun you are likely to encounter and be aware of how often you should reapply.

Sure, if you use too much sunscreen, you will not likely be afforded any extra protection  and the sticky feeling can be a bit yuk but as a relatively inexpensive product, the cost-benefit of not using enough is really low.

Like, do I want to risk sun damaged skin or save a few dollars! 

Sylvie xx