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Article: Sylvie's Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Loved Ones

SCOUT Organic Active Beauty - Sylvie's Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Sylvie's Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Christmas shopping for your loved ones can get tricky, especially when everyone's got their own tastes and interests. Not only it is time-consuming but the challenge of finding the best fit can be very stressful!

I know because I start feeling overwhelmed when I think about buying Christmas gifts. So I sat down and curated a collection of gift ideas for every member of the family and I’ve even added a suggestion for your bestie.

New Mum or Mum to Be

The Anti-pollution Defence Trio is the perfect gift it contains everything a New Mum needs to keep her skin healthy.  It is not a complicated skincare routine so exactly what she needs.

 If you want to add to your gift, some pretty pink, blue or lemon nail polish would enhance the kit.  Check out Just Like Heaven (pinky nude), Don’t you Forget About me (pale blue) and All Star (lemon).

Shop Anti-Pollution Defence Trio

Anti-Pollution Defence Trio


Mums run around doing things for all the family and every Mum loves a bit of pampering so the Ultimate Beauty Kit would definitely make her eyes light up and let her know she is appreciated. 

If that’s a little out of your price range check out the Skin Superfood Essentials kit or some of the great Nail polish kits I have put together - The Champagne & Cocktails Nail Kit or the Balmoral Dreaming Kit have been very popular.


Dad’s are usually pretty low maintenance and no fuss so he probably wouldn’t think about buying something to pamper himself. That’s why he will love it if you do! 

The Men’s Skin Therapy Kit or The Daily Skin Fitness for Men Kit - Cleanse, Shave, Treat and Protect.  Everything he needs to keep his skin in healthy shape. 

Shop Daily Skin Fitness Kit for Men

Daily Skin Fitness Kit for Men

Son or Teenage Brother

I managed to introduce my boys to a very simple skincare routine at the age of 13. I am happy to report they are all still following it to this day. 

Boys like it all to be super quick and super easy. So start with just a get cleanser which doubles as a shaving wash and a serum to help keep blemishes in check. 

The Super Cleanse and Clarify Duo should do the job nicely and if you really want to get them to up their skincare routine. Add the Skin Therapy Glow System – Comes in Black, White or Pink.

Daughter or Teenage Sister 

The Total Refresh Skincare Kit and / or the Anti-pollution Defence Trio are totally perfect for your daughter or teenage sister. 

Both kits will help to keep skin healthy, glowing and clear. In the Total Refresh Skincare Kit the addition of the Skin Therapy Glow System which comes in Pink, White or Black takes cleansing, infusing and massaging to another level. 

Add on – The Bondi Summer Bright Pinks Nail Kit for a bit of fun.

Shop Organic Nail Polish Kits

Organic Nail Polish Kits


The Healthy Aging Luxury Trio is the perfect pampering kit to address any healthy aging concerns. Add a Skin Therapy Glow System to add another level of luxury. 

Check out the Balmoral Dreaming Nail Kit or the Paddington Winter Pinks Nail Kit as a little special add on.


The Daily Skin Fitness for Men Kit – Has everything Grandpa needs to keep his skin healthy and nourished.


For your bestie I have selected two great skin care kits. Both Kits are big on Vitamin C and all the skin transforming benefits it delivers. 

Just the thing to get skin in tip top Summer condition.  The Perfect Pair Skin Radiance Treatment or The Vitamin C Skin Perfection Kit

Add  on - Check out the Nail Polish kits Noosa Summer Nudes, Paddington Pinks, Champagne & Cocktails and there are many more to choose from or simply add one nail polish or a lipstick as a stocking filler.

There you have it, Christmas gifting made easy.

Sylvie X