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Prioritise Your Wellness with Toxic-Free Cosmetics Made Here in Australia

Australian Superfood Infused Essential Skincare, Beauty, and Nail Care for the Modern Woman on the Go

Step away from harsh, toxic beauty routines and nurture your skin with the healing power of Australian superfoods. Our unique blend of ingredients, sourced from the heart of Australia, offers a wholesome alternative to rejuvenate and protect your beauty naturally. Elevate your care with the essence of health-first beauty.


✔ Free from Known Toxic Ingredients
✔ Infused with Purest & Highest Quality Australian Superfoods

✔ Potent Natural Formulas for Real Results


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Clean Cosmetics Inspired By Australian Nature

Reveal Healthy and Radiant Skin

At SCOUT our formulas are inspired by Australian nature and deliver on their promise.

✔ Free from Known Toxic Ingredients
✔ Purest and highest quality ingredients
✔ Australian Made & Owned

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Australian Pure Beauty Starter Kit Includes

Balance & Replenish Light Moisturiser

A light-weight moisturiser to help balance and calm the skin. Packed with organic antioxidant ingredients it replenishes and restores the natrual moisture balance to reveal a clear and healthier complexion.


Contains SCOUT’s Signature Superfood Blend amongst other active ingredients. The blend contains:

  • Desert lime: high in Vitamin C, prevents pigmentation.
  • Davidson plum: antioxidant, soothes irritation, protects from free radical damage, stimulates collagen production.
  • Kangaroo apple: anti-inflammatory, helps the healing process and reduces redness.

Breathable Super Food Infused Nail Polish

Boost your nail health while wearing coloured nail polish in beautiful nude colour (Just Like Heaven). Enriched with organic superfood ingredients, this non-toxic nail polish helps to stimulate nail growth with a long-lasting smooth nail finish.


Infused with Broccoli Seed Extract rich in Vitamins A, B, K, E and containing up to 100 times the antioxidant compounds of a Broccoli head, assists in moisturising and hydrating the nails through outstanding water retaining properties.

Pure Colour Organic Lipstick with Orange, Jojoba, Vitamin E & Shea Butter

Dress up your lips with a pop of colour! This nourishing natural colour (Essence) lipstick is long-lasting and non-drying, infused with Certified Organic moisturising ingredients to hydrate the lips throughout all-day wear.


Enriched with nature's finest superfoods: Camellia and Jojoba for unmatched moisture, Damask Rose for its revitalising properties, and Shea Butter for deep nourishment. Together, they create a harmonious blend for hydrated, vibrant lips, showcasing the essence of organic care.

Do You Answer Yes to Any of the Following?

• Still haven’t found beauty products that suits your skin and gives results?

• Want to feel confident that your skincare and cosmetics don't harm your health?

• Looking to trying out items before committing to more products?
Then the Australian Pure Beauty Starter Kit is for you!

Clean Beauty Products

Elevate your beauty routine with our curated selection of natural superfood beauty essentials. Designed for those who value both luxury and wellness, our top-selling products blend nourishing organic ingredients with the convenience you need for your busy lifestyle.

  • Self-Care on Your Terms: Discover the enriching benefits of our superfood range, crafted to pamper and rejuvenate your skin effortlessly.
  • Confidence in Every Bottle: Choose beauty that supports your well-being, offering the perfect blend of health and elegance.
  • Thoughtful Beauty Choices: Embrace our chemical-free alternatives, embodying care for both your skin and the environment.


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Only $79.89 for 3 top-selling highest quality products



We're Proud to Be


Our products are created and made in Australia. They are researched and inspired by Australian nature, and we are proud to be Australian Certified Organic (ACO), COSMOS Organic. Our aim is to celebrate and protect rich Australian nature.

Non-Toxic & Cruelty-Free

All of our products are gentle, non-irritating and created without potentially harmful and toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours, heavy metals, MEA/DEA/TEA, Phthalates, Triclosan, petroleum-derived ingredients or fillers. Our products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

Natural Super Food Ingredients

Our formulas are meticulously researched and enriched with the purest and highest quality plant-based ingredients and botanicals to create safe and gentle formulas that deliver effective results and real benefits.

Reviews by Our Lovely Customers

"For some time I have been unable to wear lipstick because no matter which one I tried I always ended up with sore lips, until I purchased Scout and I now wear it all the time." - Kaye

"This polish is the best. Great colours and lasts a long time without chipping. I have also noticed my nails are much strong." - Suzanne

"This cream is divine. It's wonderfully light, yet unlike almost every other day cream I've ever tried, it keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day. One to two pumps is all you need for all-day supple skin." - Amelia

Our Happy Customers