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Company Profile

"As a woman, I enjoy feeling beautiful, special and self-empowered" -  Sylvie

In developing the collection over 12 years, I have fulfilled my passion to offer a high quality collection of luxurious, natural and safe cosmetics.  I really feel that I am living my dream and that in itself is empowering.

Makeup has played a fun part in my life and I wore it every day for 16 years working as a flight attendant and travelling the world. 

It is always something I have enjoyed wearing; it has helped me feel personally inspired to face the day or when simply putting my best foot forward.

The insights into beauty care that I gained as a flight attendant were indeed key to unlocking the inspiration to combine my natural therapies training and my love of colour, art and fashion.

I have always preferred common sense ‘naturally oriented' products but could not find a makeup range that was consistent with my intuitions and ideas. There were quality brands available but they lacked the style factor I was looking for.  Many were said to be ‘natural, organic or chemical free' but still contained ingredients I considered potentially toxic or unhealthy. 

So I began my journey and SCOUT Cosmetics was born.

As an aunt of a gorgeous young woman and a friend of many women who have daughters, I was concerned about their use of cosmetics which contain such long lists of potent and conventional chemicals.  It is exciting for me to show them that there is an alternative and it is safe to use.  I believe it makes sense to use natural cosmetics on teenage skin as it is gentle, non-occlusive and has soothing and concealing properties. 

Being a busy working mother of three active sons, I completely understand the hectic lifestyle and personal demands experienced by many women. I acknowledge it is important that we feel free to ‘look good and feel good about ourselves' but that our beauty routine needs to be simple and completed in minutes. 

All SCOUT Cosmetics products are formulated by experts. They are made from superb naturally oriented ingredients to exacting Australian and international standards by accredited manufacturers.

"Every woman should be free to feel beautiful, special and self empowered".

 Sylvie xx