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Cosmetics in Perspective

Cosmetics in Perspective

We believe the performance of our beautiful  mineral make-up, skincare and hair care collection speaks for itself.

We understand the efficacy claims of many cosmetic products on the market are coming under increasing scrutiny and endorse clear and reliable claims in product marketing.

Mineral makeup seems to be the new kid on the block!  Every ‘big name' makeup brand has a mineral makeup range now and some may be good products.  However, check the labels carefully. There are many product claims and little genuine research to back the claims.

We have a ‘common sense' evidence based approach to its choice of ingredients contained in its make-up collection.

We choose organic and natural ingredients wherever possible but recognise ‘synthetic' ingredients have a limited place in creating safe, effective products.

Our products contain the highest grade of minerals and where we add ‘botanicals' or extracts we have chosen to use only certified organic where possible. 

Certain ingredients that are claimed to be ‘natural' may be not suitable for use in cosmetics or once processed may not be as ‘naturally derived' as suggested. Certain active natural compounds are toxic in higher concentrations or may be ineffective in low concentrations. There are situations where a ‘synthetic' ingredient is the only safe and effective choice.

Minerals used in our  mineral makeup are all sourced from the Australian Earth.

Many products contain cheap fillers such as Bismuth Oxychloride (which is a byproduct of refined lead and copper and displays a similar chemical make up to arsenic).  This is what produces a glowing, shiny look.  This is also the product that may cause irritation even in very small concentrations.

Other fillers used in mineral make-up include cornstarch and Talc, which is known to be hazardous and even considered carcinogenic in some studies. 

Our products do not contain any of these cheap and potentially irritating fillers.