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Dry skin is often characterised by a feeling of tightness which is often accompanied by flakiness and redness. Pores may appear almost invisible and skin texture can be rough with wrinkles and fine lines present.

Dry skin has less sebum than normal skin. To protect the skin against environmental damage and early aging signs, dry skin needs lipids which are missing due to the lack of moisture. 

Wonder how to make your skin happy and hydrated? Keep hot bathing to a minimum, apply your serums, moisturisers and oils to skin immediately after bathing, use products which are gentle and will seal and protect the skin.

Optimal skin health is at the top of most skincare goals and we have carefully designed skincare routines to ensure this is achieved, easily and effortlessly. Check them out!


Option 1 - MINI

We recommend the Younger Looking Skin Duo Kit

$99.95 AUD
$109.90 AUD

 The Younger Looking Skin Duo kit is simple, quick and sets you up for achieving your healthy aging goals.

Cleansing is an important step in your daily skincare routine when addressing Dry Skin. It should be done morning and night as it removes dead skin cells and debris which can prevent nourishing ingredients from penetrating the skin surface. Once skin is clean, the Cell Renewal Peptide serum with two wrinkle erasing and skin plumping peptides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid can go to work.

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Option 2 - BASIC

We recommend the Healthy Aging Luxury Trio Kit

$159.95 AUD
$179.85 AUD
The Healthy Aging Luxury Trio Kit is designed to cover all your healthy aging concerns and keep your skin luminous, healthy and hydrated.

Often with dry skin you may notice fine lines to deeply etched wrinkles. This kit will nourish and rehydrate your skin returning it to optimal suppleness and health. The carefully selected products in this kit will help to maintain skin health and hydration which when neglected can lead to additional fine lines and wrinkles.


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Option 3 - ESSENTIAL

We recommend our Skin Superfood Essentials

$199.95 AUD
$224.80 AUD

 The Skin Superfood Essential Kit for Dry Skin has everything you need to get your skin in tip top condition and keep it looking refreshed, radiant and dewy.

To prevent fine lines and wrinkles, which often occur when skin is in need of hydration, a consistent and targeted skin routine is needed. The Skin Superfood Essentials kit for Dry Skin will return your skin to optimal suppleness and health.

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Option 4 - PREMIUM

We recommend the Ultimate Beauty Kit

$314.95 AUD
$373.75 AUD

Whether you have dry, flaky skin or are concerned with healthy aging, the Ultimate Beauty Kit, containing 5 active and smart skin care products, will take care of all your skincare concerns.

It will take your skin ritual to another level with the inclusion of the Skin Therapy Glow System. A smart multi-task facial device cleanses, tones and refines the skin, leaving it luminous and feeling youthful and naturally beautiful.


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