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Article: How to: Applying Mineral Eyeliner

How to: Applying Mineral Eyeliner - SCOUT Organic Active Beauty

How to: Applying Mineral Eyeliner

Women have many individual preferences and tastes which determine their look.

One thing I enjoy exploring at gatherings is the use of subtle variations one can employ when applying SCOUT Cosmetics mineral eyeliner.

Women are often amazed that a small change can make quite an impact, while still ‘being you’ and not looking anything like ‘too much make-up’.

Of course, sometimes many of us like to make an occasional big statement but that is a topic for another day.

Essential: Respect your eyes - always ensure your make applicators are hygienically clean before you start.

Tip: Ensure your pencil is sharp before your start. Gently rub a clean index finger over the tip so that it turns to a soft end.

Eyeliner is often used to give definition to the eyes by adding depth to the eye lashes and making them look more substantial or simply thicker.

How I apply Eyeliner

Pull your lower lid (palpebra) down gently with your non-dominant hand.

Ensuring you have a relaxed steady hand, position your eye liner pencil as close to the outer lash-line along the eyelid as possible.

Apply the eyeliner to the bottom rim of your eyelid

Then draw a line from the inner to the outer corner using one continuous stroke, following the arc of the eyelid.

Keep an even pressure without pressing down too firmly – the skin on the lower part of your eyelid is very fragile so be careful

Be careful to stop before the outer corner of the eye (unless you want a gothic winged look) or the inner tear-duct area of the eye.

As with all my make-up techniques start with a thin line and repeat to form a thicker line as desired.

Remember: it is not necessary for the thinness of the line to cover the whole width of the lid from lash-line to outer edge. A third or half thickness will often provide sufficient definition to your eyes without being ‘too much’.

For a slightly more ‘classical look’ try drawing a solid even line, starting thin at the inner third of the lid and becoming slightly thicker at the outer third.

Alternatively instead of a line all along the eyelid apply simply along the length from where the lashes start and stop.

Keep in mind the following as you go:

  • Along the lower lashes, line only the outer two-thirds of the eyelid length;
  • Be sure the lower line is a less-intense colour than the upper line; and
  • Make sure that the two lines meet at the back corner of the eye.

When applying eye liner remember the rule.  The smaller the eye the line should be thinner and sharper.  The larger the eye the line can be thicker.

Suggestions for which eyeliner colour should you use?

You cannot go past black, brown or grey eyeliner for a classic look. 

However, eye make-up should be fun, so experiment with deep shades of violet and blue, which look amazing with the right application. I have been really pleased recently by the reaction of many women from a subtle shift from black to blue.

Feeling like being a little playful? 

Try a bright colour or a true pastel - you can use SCOUT eye shadow colours wet for more intensity and use the brow brush side of our vegan shadow and brow brush.

This will ensure attention will be drawn past the lashes to the coloured line, as opposed to the more subtle flow of colour from dark lashes to dark eyeliner.

This is not something everyone will like to do but try it and have some fun.

Make-up can greatly enhance a woman’s beauty if applied correctly. 

At SCOUT Cosmetics gatherings, I always chat with women about the styles of make-up they may like and would be comfortable with.

As I apply each make-up I assess the woman sitting on my chair and focus on bringing out her inherent, natural beauty. 

Often all this takes is a simple change in the way she applies her eye make-up or correctly colour matching her with a foundation colour that is true to her skin colour and skin type.

Finally, I not only look at make-up as a tool to beautify oneself but as a means of protection against the elements our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. 

Make-up does not have to appear mask like and with SCOUT Cosmetics minerals your skin appears flawless and natural yet protected against the elements.

Sylvie xx