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Article: Easy Way to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

SCOUT Organic Active Beauty - Easy Way to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

Easy Way to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

Eyebrows frame our eyes. They can either unsettle or complete a look. 

The correct brows enhance the eyes, make your face look more appealing, straighten your nose and rectify unevenness of eye shape. 

Should You Shape Your Eyebrows Yourself?

Having eyebrows shaped professionally (even if it is a once-off) can make all the difference. They can throw your whole face out of balance or take years off your age. They need to be trimmed, waxed and in some cases darkened or lightened.

How to Enhance the Color and Shape of Eyebrows at Home?

To begin, draw three imaginary lines from your brow.

Your brow should begin when you draw an imaginary line from the outer bridge of your nose up to your eyebrow.  From that same starting point draw an imaginary line along the rim of your pupil upwards.  That is where the high point of the arch should be. 

Finally, draw a line up to the outer corner of your eye.  This is where your brow should end. 

Be careful at this point that you end appropriately.  A brow that slopes too far down can make you look sad or haggard. 

A brow that does not slope and finishes in a straight line can give you a blank expression and widens the look of your nose.

SCOUT Eyebrow Essentials

Using our SCOUT vegan shadow and brow bush and SCOUT mineral brow dust you can expertly correct any imperfections and enhance the colour and shape of your brows.  


Sylvie xx