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Article: 8 Tips for Applying Mineral Blusher

8 Tips for Applying Mineral Blusher - SCOUT Organic Active Beauty

8 Tips for Applying Mineral Blusher

Of all the colour cosmetics, blush is the one that can make or break a look.

Fortunately, properly selected and applied mineral blush is an indispensable tool to complete any makeup.

8 Tips for Applying Blusher

  1. Never combine blush powder with other makeup creams.
  2. I find that a pink shade can bring an older complexion to life.
  3. Use apricot shades on pale skin and dusty roses on darker skin.
  4. If your skin is oily, a powder brush will last longer.
  5. Always dip the brush quickly and flick your wrist to stroke the cheek lightly.
  6. Never apply blusher on the nose for corrective purposes.
  7. Never apply too much blusher otherwise your face will look as a mask.

Why Use Mineral Blush

Mineral blush is a great way to add a natural flush of colour to your complexion without using makeup that's full of harmful synthetic ingredients.

SCOUT Mineral Blush is natural, non-comedogenic, cruelty-free and vegan. add a small amount of our loose mineral blush and swirl onto the apples of the cheeks for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. 

Sylvie xx