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Article: How To Get Glowing And Radiant Skin

How To Get Glowing And Radiant Skin

How To Get Glowing And Radiant Skin

 Ahh, glowing, radiant skin. That's the dream, isn't it? 

And while some are blessed with a blemish-free, soft and beautiful complexion, others spend their whole lives dealing with uneven skin tone, texture, spots, pigmentation and other issues.

Yes, genetics play a role here, but there's still a lot under our control when it comes to skin. We can pay attention to our diet, exercise and of course, to the products we use. 

Let's dive into the most common skin problems, their causes and, of course, talk about the best solutions.

Uneven skin tone and texture

For many people, uneven skin tone and texture are among the most significant health and beauty problems.

And it's not only the appearance. Uneven skin texture can feel dry, rough, bumpy, thickened with clogged pores, acne and aged by premature fine lines. It creates discomfort and can affect the quality of life immensely. 

All of this is mostly caused by an excess of dead skin cells and dead skin buildup resulting from excessive sun exposure, environmental toxins, hormones, dehydration, and lack of exfoliation. 

In addition to external factors, many skin changes come with aging when collagen production slows down, and skin doesn't regenerate as fast as it used to.

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Skin pigmentation 

Another common issue many people face is skin hyperpigmentation. It's the darkening of the skin caused by the overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin and hair colour. Pigmentation usually appears in the shape of various spots and patches. 

Hyperpigmentation affects people of all skin types and is caused by sun exposure and UV light as the skin produces more melanin to protect itself.

Another common damaging factor, especially in cities and urban areas, is pollution. Various gasses and particles from traffic and factories penetrate the skin and cause brown spots. 

In some cases, hyperpigmentation may also occur because of hormones, e.g. during pregnancy (it's called melasma) or reaction to various medications, contraceptives and cosmetic products. 

Age spots

One of the most common skin hyperpigmentation outcomes is age spots, also called sunspots or liver spots. Doesn't look or sound great, right? 

Through years of exposure to the sun and UV light, melanin is produced in high concentration causing age spots to appear on the most exposed areas of the body, such as the face, hands, arms and, shoulders. 

Age spots are more common in people over 50, but everyone, even younger people, can get them if they spend extended periods in the sun or tanning beds. 

Even though all people are susceptible to age spots, those with lighter skin and living in sunnier climates are of higher risk, as well as people who have a history of sunburns. 


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Wrinkles and fine lines 

Let's talk about the dreaded wrinkles and fine lines for a moment! Most commonly, they appear around the eyes, lips, mouth, forehead and sooner or later, everyone starts seeing them in the mirror. That's completely normal!

While aging and getting wrinkles is a part of life and nothing to be ashamed about, what most people find troubling is the lines that appear prematurely or are too deep.

Sometimes these lines can appear at a relatively young age and are caused by such external factors as smoking, sun exposure, and skin type - dry and light skin are more prone to such damage. 

Let's be completely honest for a moment. It's impossible to avoid all of these factors completely or stop aging, but it is possible to slow the process down and make the fine lines and wrinkles less visible.



If talking about all these skin issues made you feel gloomy, don't forget that many of them can be prevented, at least to a degree. 

And prevention of skin damage, the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, age spots and wrinkles should be an important part of your beauty routine.

Remember, prevention is always better than trying to deal with the consequences!

Here are some key rules to always abide by.

  • Hydration. Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important things for beautiful, regenerated skin. Don't forget to sip your water all day long.
  • Sunscreen. You've heard it many times before, but we'll repeat - wearing sunscreen is vital to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Wearing SPF helps prevent uneven skin texture and tone, protects from sun damage, aging, enlarged pores etc. Make sure that you're using sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF of a minimum of 30, but 50+ is even better.
  • Avoid the sun and cover-up. Sun is the strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so if possible, try to avoid being outside during that time. If you must spend time in the sun, always cover yourself up. Wear clothing covering your legs, arms and a wide-brimmed hat. And if you're outside in the sun regularly, you might benefit from clothing specially designed for sun protection.
  • Don't pick the skin. Not many people know that hyperpigmentation can appear after an injury, so make sure you don't pick at spots, scabs, and acne.


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Treatment and cosmetics

And while you might be doing all you can to prevent all these skin issues, sometimes you'll need to accept that your skin still has a few age spots or wrinkles. Don't worry. You can do something about it too. 

  • Exfoliating. The main problem with uneven skin tone is the dead skin buildup, so it's crucial to remove the dead layer from the skin's surface by exfoliation. It will also help with clogged pores, sun damage, fine lines and blemishes. Look for a gentle exfoliant that's suitable for your skin. SCOUT's Super Fruit Exfoliating Wash-Off Cleanser with Blueberries, Grape Skin and Acai purges impurities, polishes to reveal a fresh, glowing, healthy skin and contains a potent, multi-fruit complex to remove dead skin cells.
  • Medication and medical procedures. In some cases, you might want to consider medication or medical procedures such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, light or laser therapy to sort out your skin troubles. In this case, consult your dermatologist to decide whether this is for you.
  • Use gentle yet powerful cosmetics. There are plenty of amazing skincare products that will help you protect the skin and keep it radiant and glowing. One of the best ingredients to look for in such products is Vitamin C.

Vitamin C for glowing skin 

One of the powerful ingredients in skincare products that helps protect skin from ageing, sun, pollution and other damage is Vitamin C


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Much research went in went into and is still going on about its power, but it's been established that Vitamin C has multiple skin benefits. 

Vitamin C has antioxidants that may help protect your skin from the sun and UV light damage. It's a powerful antioxidant that fights the free radical damage.

Combining Vitamin C serum and broad-spectrum sunscreen effectively neutralises free radical damage from sun exposure. It's proven that this combination has a much better effect than just using sunscreen alone.

Some studies also show that Vitamin C can reduce the appearance of wrinkles when you use it for an extended time and that Vitamin C can also encourage new collagen to grow. It's especially important as collagen is what keeps your skin, tight.

Lastly, skincare products with Vitamin C may also lighten hyperpigmentation and age spots. 

SCOUT's Radiance Gel

Knowing the incredible effects of Vitamin C and various Australian native plants, we worked hard to create a product that fights all the skin issues we've discussed.


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Based on the foundation of SCOUT's unique Superfruit Renewal System and enriched with powerful organic ingredients, our Skin Perfecting Radiance Gel adds a depth of radiance, clarity and refinement to your skin after only a few days of use. 

Licorice Extract inhibits the production of melanin, helping to lighten and supports the antioxidant and refining action of Vitamin C.  

Lilly Pilly and Emu Apple, both packed with phytoactive compounds, work together to enhance collagen production to brighten and tighten the skin. This blend works so well due to their naturally occurring fruit acids and high Vitamin C.

Lastly, the combination of Cucumber, Calendula, and the Ayurvedic herb Gotu Kola ensures this super gel will soothe, restore and reveal youthful, refreshed skin.