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Article: How to Plump Up Thin & Dry Skin Under Eyes Naturally

How to Plump Up Thin & Dry Skin Under Eyes Naturally

How to Plump Up Thin & Dry Skin Under Eyes Naturally

We've all had those mornings when we look in the mirror and see dark circles, crow's feet dryand skin under our eyes. When we're young, it's mostly related to sleepless nights or too much wine. However, this happens more often as we age, and our skin loses collagen and gets thinner.

Many women start looking for the best ways to plump up their skin under the eyes naturally and get that fresh-faced look. 

If you're one of these women, we come bearing good news - plumping up the skin is possible with some lifestyle changes and proper skincare products. 

Let's dive in 

What causes thin under eye skin?

Before we start talking about how to take care of under eye skin, let's discuss the causes of thinning undereye skin. 

The undereye skin is naturally thinner than anywhere else on your face, yet some women experience more severe dark circles, bags, and fine lines than others. That's genetic. 

Yes, it's not very encouraging, but some women simply inherit more sensitive undereye skin. So, if one of your parents has bags or dark circles under their eyes, the chances are that you will too. 

While there's not much you can do about that, the other skin thinning factors can be controlled or influenced.

Leading causes of thining undereye skin, dark circles, bags and wrinkles are:


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Sun damage. 

Damaging UV rays are generally one of the main causes of dry, dull skin and the skin under your eyes is not an exception. Sun exposure leads to the breakdown of skin proteins collagen and elastin, making it look older and causing premature ageing. It also slows down the skin's ability to regenerate.

Lack of sleep. 

When you sleep, your skin cells regenerate, produce elastin, collagen and make you look more fresh and glowing. If you don't sleep enough, these processes get interrupted, leading to all the unwanted undereye problems.


There's not much you can do about ageing except accept it and use appropriate skincare for healthy ageing. With time collagen production slows down, skin gets dryer, regenerates slower, and you start noticing droopiness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and other issues, however using proper skincare and living a healthy lifestyle helps.


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Wrong skincare. 

Some skincare products (even the expensive ones) simply don't work or even cause allergies and irritations, but many people don't notice it before it becomes a problem. A poorly chosen undereye cream or lotion may cause skin flaking, dehydration and even puffiness. 


Not drinking enough water? You'll start noticing the effects on your skin sooner or later. We're talking dark circles, puffiness and dryness.

What causes dry under eye skin?

While dry skin under the eyes is associated with thin skin under the eyes, it can present slightly differently with flaky, uncomfortable skin easily becoming itchy, irritated and cracked. In the worst case it can cause loss of elasticity and premature lines and wrinkles. 

In mild cases I recommend people stop using any products you may consider harsh such as cleansers, peels or scrubs. If makeup is irritating, give it a rest for a few days and assess any changes.

I also suggest trying gentler, even hypoallergenic products until the dryness is under control.

It may sound obvious by another cause of dryness under the eyes is simply from heat and contact. Rubbing your eyes and washing with too hot water can be a really bad habit.

How to thicken skin under the eyes naturally?

Now that we've talked about the leading causes of thin skin under eyes skin let's discuss how to plump under the eyes! 

There are many ways that might help you reach a more youthful and glowing appearance, so try a few or all of these tips and see what works best for you.

Moisturise your skin

Let's start with the most critical step in treating dry skin under eyes - moisturisation. As we get older, it's harder for our skin to retain water. The skin also produces less oil, making it look dry and parched. 

To minimise the signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, make sure you moisturise your skin daily with a nourishing moisturiser.

While you can use the same moisturiser as you do for your face, we recommend introducing an undereye cream especially designed to care for the delicate skin and incorporating it into your eye skincare routine.

Undereye creams provide intense hydration, make the skin more supple, soft and slow down the formation of wrinkles. 

Choose a product with powerful ingredients that will thicken your skin and boost collagen production like SCOUT Relax + Refine + Lift Eye & Lip Crème With Bakuchiol, Acmella & Quandong.

This crème is formulated to target expression lines around the eyes and lips. It gives you smoother, brighter & plumper skin without harsh or invasive treatments! It's enriched with natural anti-ageing & skin firming botanicals Bakuchiol and Acmella (offering Retinol & Botox-like benefits) and help to minimise muscle contraction delaying wrinkles forming and deepening. 

Exfoliate and double-cleanse 

If you don't exfoliate your skin, all those dead skin cells hinder skin renewal and make your under-eye skin look dull, saggy and unhealthy. 

Now, because the skin under the eyes is very sensitive, you don't want to use very abrasive products. Instead, do a double cleanse with your regular face wash (first wash off all the makeup and dirt and then wash again and use a warm wet face cloth). 

Have a SPA day for your eyes

Once or twice a week, treat your under-eyes to a nice SPA-like treatment by applying cold tea bags, cucumber slices and then lightly massaging a deeply hydrating and nourishing serum or oil. 

Leave the product to sit on the skin for some time so the skin absorbs all the active ingredients. Take this time to relax and breathe because stress also negatively affects your skin! 


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Use sunscreen every day

As we've mentioned above, harmful UV rays speed up the ageing process and will lead to thin and dull skin.

That's why you should never skip sunscreen and always be generous with it. Some people avoid applying sunscreen under their eyes because it can be irritating but don't make this mistake and choose a gentle sunscreen that doesn't cause irritation or allergies. Don't forget the upper lids too! 

Exercise more often

Exercising promotes healthy blood flow, boosts collagen production, and makes you look more glowy. It also helps decrease stress, which also causes dull skin, acne, dry circles, and other issues.

Even if you're very busy, try to incorporate a simple 15-20 minute workout routine into your day or, e.g. take a daily walk in the park. 

Eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and drink more water

When talking about how to hydrate under eye skin, one of the most important things to do is eat a healthy diet and drink enough water. 

Eat enough fruit and vegetables daily as they provide you with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and the necessary hydration. 

Always have a glass of water nearby, too and sip throughout the day.

These simple lifestyle changes will soon become visible on your face, decreasing dark circles and plumping up under-eye skin!