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Article: How to Strengthen Damaged Nails After Acrylic & Gel

How to Strengthen Damaged Nails After Acrylic & Gel

How to Strengthen Damaged Nails After Acrylic & Gel

How to heal damaged nails after acrylics?

A beautiful manicure can change how we feel and add a little pep to our step!

Different colours, designs and styles allow us to express our creativity, experiment with fashion and even transform our looks.

For many women, acrylics or gel nails are their go-to manicures, but unfortunately, while pretty, these take a significant toll on the nails. 

Damaged nails after acrylics are a serious issue that leaves women self-conscious and looking for ways to fix it. 

If you're among those who want to how to heal nails after acrylics, we've got some tips for getting back strong, shiny, natural nails!

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The issue with acrylic & gel nails 

It's easy to get addicted to acrylic or gel manicures because they last longer and don't require much preparation or upkeep. 

However, long-term issues are the price and often, it's too late before we realise this.

Nail damage from acrylic and gel nails

Uneven nail plate, spots and lines

Did you know that most damage to the nail is caused during the coating removal process? If done incorrectly, the tools and technique cause damage and leave nails rough after removing gel. 

You might also notice spots and white lines that take months to grow out.

Breaking and snapping

Your nails get used to the gel and its protective coating, so they start breaking and snapping after the gel is removed. As nails take up to 6 months to fully grow out, it's a lot of inconvenience and discomfort! 

Peeling and flaking

Paper-thin nails after acrylics are another common issue. Gel and acrylics cause the nails to lose moisture and become brittle, flaky and peeling. This can also be caused by improperly peeling the gel and removing the nail plate.

How to strengthen nails 

If you've had a gel or acrylic manicure done, you might have experienced at least some of these issues and wondered about how to fix damaged nails? Here are some tips that will speed up the healing process!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

How to repair nails after acrylics?

After removing your gel coating, the first thing you want is to hydrate your nails deeply. The gel dehydrates your nails, making them dry and fragile, so you want to apply moisturiser or oil on your cuticles and nails. Often! 

Keeping the cuticle nourished and supple helps a new and healthy nail to grow, so focus most of your attention on that area. Use natural oils such as jojoba or coconut or a speciall y formulated cuticle balm and your favourite hand cream. Apply hand cream at least three times a day (or when you remember it) and massage oils or specially formulated cuticle balm nightly. 

Keep your nails unpolished for this intense hydration period or use breathable polishes. 

Wash your hands gently

Harsh soaps can actually dehydrate and irritate your nails, so to keep up with the hydration routine, switch to gentle creamy soaps.

What about hand sanitisers? It's true, we've become dependent on those, so if you use a sanitiser often, opt for one enriched with hydrating ingredients and apply hand cream after sanitising your hands too. 

Take a break

Taking a break between your manicures and not applying any polish at all may help your nails rejuvenate and get stronger. 

While there's conflicting information about this method's effectiveness, most nail technicians say they notice a difference in their clients' nails after a few weeks break

Not feeling yourself completely with bare nails? Use a simple nail strengthener or base coat with nourishing ingredients for a minimal manicure. 

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Our Dual Base & Top Coat with Celery Seed & Camellia Oil  helps to smooth the nail's ridged surface and keep the nails from peeling. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and a natural nail hardener Celery Seed which helps to eliminate discolouration and protect the nails.

Cut your nails 

You've probably broken a nail at least a few times, and that usually happens when you're sporting long nails and when they are in this weakened state, it seems like anything from putting on a sweater to opening doors becomes a hazard! 

So, even if you're a big fan of long nails, give them a chance to grow out healthier by cutting them short after having your gel or acrylic nails removed. It's easy to keep nails short by simply giving them a file every other day.

A bonus: if your nails are chipped or flaky, they will look better short too! 

Eat healthily 

Beauty indeed comes from the inside, so if your nails are brittle and weak, it's worth taking a look at your nutrition and supplements. 

One essential protein for nail health is collagen, so if you're creating a wholesome plan on how to thicken your nails after acrylics, you want to include collagen-rich foods such as leafy greens, salmon, nuts, seeds and others into your diet. 

You can also consider taking collagen and vitamin Biotin supplements, but of course, consult with your physician first! 

Switch to natural nail polish 

Now you know how to fix nails after acrylics, what next? 

One of the best ways to help replenish and rejuvenate damaged nails after acrylics once and for all is to switch to natural, breathable nail polish. It looks just as great, only without the nasty side effects! 

Our Breathable Super Food Infused Nail Polish is non-toxic and enriched with organic superfood ingredients that boost your nail health and stimulate nail growth. 

The formulation is 82% derived from everyday vegetables such as potatoes, sugar cane, cotton and corn (yes, almost like a salad!) and gives your nails a long-lasting smooth nail finish.

Your nails are nourished, hydrated and revitalised by all potent ingredients such as Broccoli Seed Extract, rich in Vitamins A, B, K, E and Bamboo Isoflavones that deliver impressive nutrients and boost resiliency against chips and scratches. 


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Camellia Seed Oil imparts nourishment and hydration to the skin and cuticles, which means your nails always grow out healthy and strong. Camellia is also a natural anti fungal.

We've created over 40 stunning colours, so you have options for any look and occasion!

It's also important to ditch the toxic and harmful acetone and acetate-based nail polish removers and switch to cleaner and healthier alternatives such as our Nail Polish Remover with Kiwi Fruit, Rose Water & Aloe Vera.

This water-based strengthening remover, boosted with Kiwi Fruit, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Calcium, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, strengthens your nails, prevents them from chipping, and, unlike the traditional removers, doesn't leave your nails dry and flaky.