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Article: What Is Mineral Makeup? Ingredients, Benefits & Best Products

What Is Mineral Makeup? Ingredients, Benefits & Best Products

What Is Mineral Makeup? Ingredients, Benefits & Best Products

If you're looking to switch from conventional to natural makeup that's healthier and doesn't damage the skin, it's easier than you may think. One of the best choices you can make for your skin is to start using mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup has made a comeback in the last few years, and it keeps gaining more popularity ever since.

While many people enjoy the incredible benefits of mineral makeup, there are also quite a few myths about it that may prevent people from trying (and falling in love with it). If you're one of these people or simply want to learn more about this makeup, we've got you covered! 

We answer the burning question of what is mineral makeup and so much more!

The history of mineral makeup

It's fascinating that mineral makeup dates back to ancient cultures and famous figures like Egypt's Empress Cleopatra. 

Women and men used ground-up natural minerals to decorate their skin for various religious ceremonies, as camouflage or to enhance their looks. Cleopatra's kohl-rimmed eyes are one of the most famous examples of that. 

Modern-day mineral makeup dates back to the 70s, when people became more interested in natural products and avoided chemical formulations. However, at the time, these types of cosmetics didn't gain mainstream status. 

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The negative effects of traditional makeup 

Traditional, mainstream makeup that we find in most pharmacies and other stores are convenient and often quite affordable. However, because of their chemical formulations, this type of makeup can have quite a few negative effects on the skin and overall health. 

It clogs your pores

First of all, it's often comedogenic, which means that it can clog pores, cause blackheads, whiteheads and other skin issues. 

So the foundations, concealers, various powders, blushes, bronzers and contouring products you use to make your skin look better end up making it look even worse! Crazy! 

Keep in mind that this applies also to makeup which has a "non-comedogenic" label on it.

It dries your skin 

Many makeup products have alcohol in their ingredient list, which is supposed to mattify the skin and get the products (e.g. foundation) to dry quicker. 

Alcohol has multiple negative effects on your skin, the main one being that it dries the skin, leaving it flaky, dehydrated, and causing premature wrinkles and sagging. 

It can cause rashes and allergies 

Besides alcohol, brands often use fragrances in makeup. While it makes your products smell good, fragrances can cause photosensitivity, leading to skin damage, allergies, and various rashes. 

It can cause acne cosmetica

Because we're usually wearing our makeup for at least 8-10 hours, all these pore-clogging, irritating formulations sitting on our skin have a lot of time to do their "dirty work". 

This can cause an acne subtype called acne cosmetica, which manifests as bumps across the forehead that don't seem to disappear. 

What is mineral makeup?

Traditional makeup can do a lot of harm to our skin, and switching to a more natural alternative that is mineral makeup, is highly recommended. 

But what is mineral makeup, exactly? 

Mineral makeup is made of natural minerals from the earth, such as iron, mica and zinc oxides. These minerals are ground up into a powder that, in essence, is the mineral makeup we use.

While traditional makeup may also contain some of these ingredients, the main difference is that mineral makeup doesn't contain anything else but that. 

So what is mineral powder? Usually, mineral makeup will have these ingredients:

  • Iron oxides to match different skin types and colour
  • Zinc oxide as a natural sunscreen and antioxidant
  • Mica powder that gives that beautiful shimmer
  • Titanium dioxide which is a natural pigment and also sunscreen

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Why is mineral makeup better? 

Mineral makeup vs regular makeup is a common discussion among beauty industry professionals. Let's look at why mineral makeup wins this battle easily.

Firstly, mineral makeup has only a few ingredients, doesn't contain any dyes, preservatives, fragrances or parabens. Because of that, the risk of experiencing an allergic reaction or getting rashes (especially if you have sensitive skin) is very low. 

It's also non-comedogenic and will help prevent unwanted blackheads and zits. 

Mineral makeup also has a long shelf life and doesn't develop any bacteria, so you can use it for a long time without worrying it will spoil. 

Mineral powders and foundations last long not only on the shelf but also on your skin because of the long-lasting pigments. Many of them will stay on for even 24 hours! 

These beauty products are also usually cruelty-free, meaning they're vegan, not tested on animals and safe for the environment.

Here are some great benefits of mineral makeup. 

Good for sensitive skin 

Mineral makeup is the best choice for sensitive skin and people who suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. 

It's also non-comedogenic and won't cause breakouts or clog pores. 

Good for oily skin

If you have oily skin and struggle to keep your complexion matte, mineral makeup is also a great choice as the natural minerals absorb oils and allows your skin to breathe.

While many products have a shimmery finish, it's different from a greasy look, and you can also find options especially designed for oily skin.

Protects skin from sun damage 

One of the most incredible benefits of mineral makeup is that it has natural sunscreen as an ingredient (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide). This means that just by wearing it, you are protecting your skin from harmful sun damage. 

The planet will thank you, too, as most chemical sunscreens damage coral reefs, and you should avoid using them if possible. 

It's lightweight and breathable

Most of us have experienced that unpleasant feeling and look of cakey makeup. Luckily, it's completely avoidable with mineral makeup as it's natural and feels like a part of your skin and not a mask.

Your skin breathes all day long while still enjoying the protective benefits of makeup. Lastly, it's very easy to remove mineral makeup. You will not need harsh cleansers or tissues. 

Makes your skin look healthy and beautiful

While many traditional makeup products such as foundations or powders can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, mineral makeup can actually help reduce that. 

The same goes for any other imperfections like acne or various spots. Mineral makeup gives your skin a healthy, natural look and young appearance that most women strive for. 

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How to use mineral makeup

Another benefit of mineral makeup is that it takes very little to get great coverage and a beautiful, flawless look.  

Unlike traditional makeup, where you need to use thick layers, with the best mineral makeup a little goes a long way. 

Use a brush for powders and a makeup sponge for liquid makeup, use a small amount and apply it on your face in circular motions. Build up coverage, if needed, but don't worry - less is more here!

How to remove mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is effortless to remove, which makes things easy after a long hard day. You can choose one of these ways to remove your makeup:

  • Wash with a gentle cleanser and water
  • Use non-harsh makeup remover and rinse with water
  • Lightly wipe the makeup away with facial wipes

Follow with your usual skincare routine afterwards. 

The best mineral makeup

Not all mineral makeup is created equal.

Brands vary in price and quality and I have had feedback from women over many years about variation in performance.

Often it is low quality ingredients that cause poor coverage, cakeyness and irritations.

SCOUT mineral makeup

What makes SCOUT the best mineral makeup in Australia?

Here at SCOUT, we're proud of our natural, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic Mineral makeup that works for any skin type. 

Our pure, beautifully milled Mineral Powder Foundation reveals a healthy, vibrant complexion and gives flawless coverage. Because we love multi-use products, you can use it as a foundation on its own, to set the foundation or simply to camouflage blemishes.

Our powder allows your skin to breathe and gives it a beautiful glow.

For a luminescent shimmer and some colour, add a small amount of our Pure Colour Mineral Blush and swirl onto the apples of the cheeks for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

Finish your look with mesmerising eyes, using our Pure Colour Mineral Eyeshadow. It comes in 10 gorgeous colours, is suitable for sensitive eyes, buildable and can be applied wet or dry.