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Article: How to Use Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine?

How to Use Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine?

How to Use Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine?

We need vitamin C to stay healthy - even little kids know this (thank you, mums!). Including enough vitamin C rich fruit and vegetables into our diet, helps build a robust immunity, a healthy heart, and a balanced nervous system.

But Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that protects our skin from free radicals, improves its texture, and helps us to age gracefully.

While eating enough citrus fruit is essential, research has discovered that topical Vitamin C is more effective for skin health.

Want to have bright, beautiful and radiant skin? Keep reading and learn how to include Vitamin C in your skincare routine. 

Vitamin C for Skin: the complete guide

Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients for skin health. It has multiple benefits, from helping to heal wounds to keeping the skin plump and youthful. 


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Vitamin C:

  • Deeply hydrates
  • Reduces age spots & sunspots
  • Brightens & evens out complexion
  • Reduces redness & dark undereye circles
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Helps prevent sagging 
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Helps heal wounds & sunburn

Benefits of Vitamin C  

So, let's dive deeper into the benefits of vitamin C and reasons why you should include it in your daily routine. 

Deeply hydrates 

Dry skin is prone to premature ageing, so you need to hydrate it deeply to keep it soft, supple and youthful. And this is where Vitamin C shines! It helps your skin retain water, protects it from dehydration and increases its elasticity.   

Reduces age spots & sunspots

When overexposed to the sun and pollution, our skin can develop hyperpigmentation, making us look older and less radiant.  

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which  protects the skin from free radical damage and helps reduce the appearance of dark age spots and sunspots.

Brightens & evens out the complexion

Because Vitamin C helps to fade pigmentation, our skin looks brighter and less dull immediately. Hello, healthy, dewy glow!  

Reduces redness & dark undereye circles

Many people suffer from skin redness, blotches, uneven texture and conditions such as rosacea or eczema caused by environmental pollution, sun and various medical conditions. In most cases, Vitamin C can help reduce inflammation and minimise redness.  

Another similar issue is dark undereye circles caused by thin skin and dark blood vessels beneath. Vitamin C helps strengthen the undereye skin and improves elasticity, which helps hide the blood vessels, aka dark circles.

Promotes collagen production & helps prevent sagging 

You've probably heard about the importance of collagen – it's a skin building block that keeps it looking young and healthy. Unfortunately, collagen production drops as we age, leading to dryness and sagging. 

Using topical Vitamin C rich skincare boosts collagen production, making the skin firm, radiant, healthy and prevents sagging. 

Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles 

All these properties (strengthening, collagen-boosting, etc.) helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also accelerates cell turnover, so the skin looks smooth and more youthful. 

Helps heal wounds & sunburn

Research has shown that Vitamin C, in combination with Vitamin E, can help heal sunburn and inflammation from UV exposure. Because Vitamin C speeds up cell turnover and boosts collagen production, it also helps with wound healing. 

How to use vitamin C in your skincare routine

Vitamin C can be absorbed internally and topically, so which option is best? We believe that having enough Vitamin C in your diet and using topical Vitamin C will deliver the best results! 


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General health is vital for glowing skin, so make sure your diet includes enough Vitamin C rich fruit and vegetables such as oranges, berries and bell peppers.

Ingested Vitamin C helps protect your immune system, prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce stress. Because really, who looks good when they're stressed or exhausted?

However, it's important to remember that the Vitamin C you get through nutrition reaches only lower layers of the skin, so you need topical Vitamin C to affect the top layers and give you that radiance.  

Topical products 

Topical Vitamin C in skin care products such as serums or gels are absorbed directly into the skin with a quick result. It makes the skin smoother and you will notice the effects in a relatively short time. 

The great thing about Vitamin C is that it works for any skin type, so everyone can benefit immensely by incorporating it into their skincare routine. 

However, although serums and gels are generally safe, it's always a good idea to do a patch test on your arm before you apply them to your face.  

How to use a Vitamin C serum 

Incorporating a Vitamin C serum or gel into your daily skincare routine is simple. 

Here's how to use Vitamin C skincare:

  • Apply the serum 1-2 times a day after cleansing.
  • Follow up with a moisturiser and face oil if you use it. 
  • Never skip a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day. 

If your skin is sensitive, use your Vitamin C serum or gel only once a day or every other day. 

In this case, you might wonder about when to use Vitamin C serum - day or night? We recommend using the product  in the morning as you want those free-radical fighting properties to protect you from the sun and environmental damage. 

Vitamin C serum and gel 

We are big fans of Vitamin C here at SCOUT and have two potent products that deliver healthy, dewy skin. 

Our Skin Perfecting Radiance Gel with Lilli Pilli, Licorice, Emu Apple and Vitamin C can be used as a serum, treatment or a leave-on sleep mask. It helps clarify the skin, fade pigmentation and age spots and brighten the skin texture. You can even use it as a spot treatment for blemishes.

Packed with Vitamin C and potent native botanicals, this gel with 90% certified organic ingredients delivers a mega boost of stable Vitamin C! 


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It is also enhanced by three meticulously chosen native Australian superfruits (Lilli Pilli, Emu Apple and Licorice). These potent botanicals add a depth of radiance, clarity, and refinement to your skin after only a few days of use. Seriously a game changer!

Our Vitamin C Brightening Serum with Kakadu Plum, Turmeric & Rosehip is the perfect choice for those who want to reduce redness, irritation and spots. This 95% certified organic product stimulates collagen and elastin production and is suitable for sensitive skin and conditions like acne, rosacea or eczema.

The combination of anti-inflammatory and brightening ingredients leave the skin plumped, restored, and glowing. The serum also helps combat free radicals caused by environmental pollution and sun damage.