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Article: Introducing our NEW Nail Collection UNICORN DREAM

SCOUT Organic Active Beauty - Introducing our NEW Nail Collection UNICORN DREAM

Introducing our NEW Nail Collection UNICORN DREAM

With the cooler Autumn Season upon us, we wanted to inject some excitement into our nail polish collection with UNICORN DREAM, a collection of three limited-edition pastel matte shades. 

In contrast to the usual darker tones we see during the colder months, UNICORN DREAM embraces soft and light pastel colours inspired by the current global unicorn beauty trend.

The Inspiration for Unicorn Dream Collection

The mythical nature of the unicorn symbolises the idea that anything is possible and there are no limits to your imagination – a philosophy that I love.

At Scout Organic Active Beauty, we have always prided ourselves on sending a positive message to women to embrace their femininity and express their personality through their style choices.

The launch of UNICORN DREAM is all about just that – encouraging creativity and inspiring women to be fun and free.

Three New Pastel Shades

I drew the inspiration for the collection’s light pastel shades from the mythical unicorn.

Capricorn Dreamer is a playful matte lilac purple colour. Strawberry Fields Forever is a delicate pink matte the colour of cotton candy clouds. Peach Pony is a soft matte apricot colour that finishes off the trio with femininity and light.

As everyone else is transitioning to dark, drab winter colours, use this playful collection to embrace your creativity and stand out from the crowd.

Breathable & Non-Toxic Nail Polish

More than just pretty colours, the limited-edition non-toxic nail polish range features our NEW vitamin-active formula of high-performance superfoods, botanical extracts, and essential oils to stimulate nail growth and repair nail damage.

This natural, organic blend also works to nourish, hydrate, and revitalise nails to boost overall nail health.

The formula contains extracts of broccoli seed, bamboo tree and camelia seed oil, all of which have impressive benefits for your nails. Broccoli seed contains essential fatty acids to help lock in moisture and combat dry cuticles. Bamboo seed oil has many antioxidant properties that aid in healing dry and irritated skin. Lastly, camelia seed oil has many therapeutic benefits that result in stronger and healthier-looking nails.

Embrace your inner magic this season and transform your nails with our salon standard Unicorn Dream breathable super food pastel matte nail polish.

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