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Article: Let's (Finally) Talk About Skincare For Men 🔥

Let's (Finally) Talk About Skincare For Men 🔥

Let's (Finally) Talk About Skincare For Men 🔥


I live with four men and like to think I know a lot about their skin and how each of them thinks.

All four have used SCOUT for a few years, and I introduced my three boys to a really simple routine when they each turned 14.

In developing SCOUT, from day one, I was very conscious of designing skincare products for all ages, skin types, multi-use, for women and men. And being a mum, I thought in terms of solutions, not just products.

So coming up to Father's Day, let's talk about skincare for men.

What do Men Need?

The science indicates that while women and men have slightly different skin needs, skincare products should focus on skin types and specific skin issues, not gender.

Sure, male skin may, on average, be thicker, have more active oil glands, larger pores and, of course, facial hair, but men's skincare needs are individual and vary over time, just like women's.

The main differences between the sexes, in my experience, are the attitude to a skincare routine and shaving routine.

Some men look after their skin, like to feel and look healthy, have ageing concerns and are educated about the invisible impact of the sun and antioxidant damage.

Shop Daily Skin Fitness Kit for Men

Daily Skin Fitness Kit for Men

Daily Men's Skin Fitness Trio

The SCOUT Daily Men's Skin Fitness Trio has been designed for everyday use for men.

A simple skincare routine is essential to cleanse, moisturise and protect the skin throughout the day.

Cleansing & Shaving

Shave and cleanse with Super Fruit Exfoliating Wash-Off Cleanser with Blueberries, Grape Skin and Acai, and after a workout, you can use this as a body wash.

The cleanser will give you an exceptionally comfortable shave as well as fresh, smooth, clean skin, all while fighting nicks, razor burn and drying irritation of typical shave foams.

It's been road-tested in my house for years and works!

It’s Aloe Vera based and creates a uniquely consistent foam-free lubricating layer for the blade to glide effortlessly over the skin.

This gentle, foaming daily cleanser also protects the skin from damaging environmental stressors such as pollution and UV rays.


No matter what you do or what environment you find yourself in, applying a moisturiser to a clean face will keep your skin hydrated, healthy and feeling good.

SCOUT Balance & Replenish is a light yet potent moisturiser packed with natural and certified organic superfood ingredients such as Calendula, Kakadu Plum and Red Mandarin and creates smoother, more hydrated skin.

Shop Australian Organic Skincare

Organic Australian Skincare


Lastly, apply SCOUT Vitamin C Brightening Serum for a clear, bright and healthy appearance. It absorbs deep into the skin to reduce dark spots, pigmented skin, blemishes, fights the first signs of aging and helps to calm redness.

Vitamin C is an extremely potent antioxidant that not only soothes skin and reduces inflammation but also promotes healthy collagen production for youthful, healthy skin.

This Father's Day, treat the men in your life a gift of healthy skin!