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Article: Sylvie Talks About Skincare: Top 5 Face Cleansing Questions Answered

Sylvie Talks About Skincare: Top 5 Face Cleansing Questions Answered

Sylvie Talks About Skincare: Top 5 Face Cleansing Questions Answered

We've had our very first Beauty Circle Live Event, and it got us wanting more! 

Sylvie answered all the burning questions about face cleansing, different products and has shared her daily face cleansing routine that we recommend for everyone who wants healthy and glowing skin. 

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and now let's get the top 5 face cleansing questions answered!

Question 1: How to cleanse my skin without drying it out?

One of the biggest reasons to cleanse the skin at night is to purge the pores, clean all the toxins and take off the makeup, 

If you have a makeup remover oil-based, you can use that, but you can also use either a cream cleanser, a wash-off cleanser or best - double cleanse with both or with the same product. 

Personally, I like to remove all cleansers with a washcloth or a bamboo cloth, but the little washing mitts work well.

Also, don't use hot water for face cleansing - it should be lukewarm as hot water dries the skin more.

Question 2: How often should you cleanse? 

Usually, it's twice a day. Of course, you'll definitely want to cleanse after a heavy workout too. 

If your skin is dry, cleanse only twice a day, but if it's oily, it's okay to do it more often.

And never go to bed with your makeup on! The makeup you've been wearing and all the pollutants will clog and congest your pores. This way, your serums won't be able to penetrate the skin, the eye products could cause eye infections and irritations, and your eyelashes might break You don't want that! 

After cleansing, it's best to apply your serums and moisturisers while your skin is damp because your pores are open, and they will receive those products deeper.

Question 3: What are the best face cleansing products to use at any age?

Let's start with teenage skin. I'd recommend a wash-off cleanser for face cleansing and a vitamin C serum that will serve as a serum to keep oily skin and blemishes under control and as a lightweight moisturiser. 

In our early twenties, I recommend the same two products and add a light moisturiser. For the late twenties, you can either use a cream or wash-off cleanser and include an "aging-gracefully" product like a serum to address early lines. 

I'd recommend a cream cleanser, vitamin C, niacinamide, vitamin B3, oil for some massage, and a moisturiser for your thirties. It would depend on whether the skin is oily or dry, lighter or more nourishing moisturiser. 

Cleansing is essential going into the forties, and I recommend using a cream cleanser in the morning and double cleanse skin at night. It removes the dead skin, exfoliates and allows deeper penetration of the products. 

In your fifties, besides the same cleansing routine, I'd recommend adding retinol or bakuchiol, which is natural retinol.

Question 4: How do you cleanse the skin to keep it healthy? 

Morning and night face cleansing is essential, even if you're not wearing makeup. Cleansing at night, your skin gets rejuvenated, the pores get purged.

And in the morning, you can use a cleanser in the shower as the clean skin soaks all the lovely product nutrients.

Question 5: What cleansing and post-cleansing routine do you recommend? 

Sylvie's evening routine starts with double-cleansing, as it's a great way to prepare the skin for all the nourishing products. 

These face cleansing steps at home and the beauty routine is also the much-needed me-time to unwind and relax after a long day! 

You can easily follow it too! 

  1. Start with a cream cleanser and spend some time with it. You want to emulsify all the makeup to get it off. Sylvie uses the Daily Revitalise Cleansing Crème.
  2. Remove everything with a washcloth.
  3. Use your wash-off cleanser and massage your skin to get it all off. Sylvie uses the Super Fruit Wash-Off Cleanser.
  4. Remove the residue with a washcloth and dry off your face. 
  5. Once or twice a week, when doing the second phase of cleansing. Sylvie recommends the Skin Therapy Glow System that's great for exfoliating and getting deep into the skin.

Now it's the time to apply your serums and other products. Don't forget to apply them to your neck and chest area. Press it all in; you don't need to rub it in.

  1. Apply your serums. Sylvie uses Skin Perfecting Radiance Gel morning and night, which is skin-refining and gives a lovely glow. Then she uses Cell Renewal Peptide Serum that plumps up the skin and is wrinkle erasing. 
  2. Massage your oil in. Sylvie loves the Six Oils of Rejuvenation which she massages using the Skin Therapy Glow System (it takes about 5 minutes). It's calming, soothing and lifts the skin.
  3. Apply the moisturiser. Sylvie uses Balance & Replenish Light Moisturiser, and then she puts the Relax + Refine + Lift Eye & Lip Crème around the eyes and lips.

You can use the same routine in the morning before applying makeup too, but put oil into your foundation instead of massaging in. You'll get so many compliments for your glowing skin! 

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