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Article: What’s Slow, Conscious, Mindful, Clean And Green Beauty?

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What’s Slow, Conscious, Mindful, Clean And Green Beauty?

Ever wondered what the terms conscious, mindful, slow, clean or green beauty actually mean.

While I am not big on being pigeonholed by brand ‘labels or lifestyle movements’ as a Cosmos certified organic brand and backer of evidence based natural beauty, such terms are really important on an ethical and informative level.

Especially, when we all hear marketing claims that seem to bend the truth about cosmetic products and where brands may not actually practice what they preach.

There is no ‘official regulated agreement’ on the meaning of these terms and often they are used interchangeably and there is overlap about what they mean which can be confusing.

Often, I feel they can also be used in bit of a judgemental way and not focus on the true objective of an evidence-based beauty routine; great healthy skin, confident wonderful looks and feeling good!

So what is all about? Here goes.

What is Slow Beauty?

I think this concept came out of the broader ‘slow living movement’ which recognised the potential dangers of our modern, rushed, achievement focused lifestyles.

Slow and mindful are really the same in my mind and similar to clean beauty.

I truly believe there is merit in these ideas, and it is good for your mind and body to slow down a bit, reassess what is important to you and maybe strive a little less. But it is easier said than done and I know many people who are very happy with their fast paced technological lifestyles!

Slow beauty is said to ‘involve a return’ to slower, more mindful beauty practices that respects sustainability, and utilises quality manufacturing and ethically sourced ingredients.

Some people emphasise not ‘giving in’ to the mainstream beauty industry’s advertisement of quick-fixes and invasive procedures with immediate results. It’s about reshaping your beauty ideas around ‘slower ways and rituals’.

So fast fashion and over-consuming are out, and soothing minimalistic self-care is in.

While I absolutely support simplicity and ethics in an effective skincare regime and for your overall wellbeing, I am also aware that there are great mainstream product brands, brilliant technologies in medicine and modern skincare and that people should be able to make informed choices about what they consume.

Obviously, it is also good, the idea of being actively kind to people and the planet and fortunately this has almost become a standard requirement of business.

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is similar to slow, conscious and mindful but more product focused in my view.

At SCOUT we focus on offering the choice of high quality, natural and effective skincare and cosmetics. 

We strive to be your innovative clean beauty choice, using effective native Australian botanical ingredients complemented by advances in ‘healthy ageing’ cosmetic science.

For me great healthy skin is also about a common-sense lifestyle. There is no point in using quality skincare products and being mindful in your daily life, if you spend hours of the day in the sun without SPF protection.  

We are conscious of better ways of being but appreciate there are many ways to live your life and be happy.

What is green beauty?

Green beauty is natural beauty that promotes not using synthetic ingredients and additives like preservatives.

It seems to me these brands go further than slow or clean and emphasize the exclusion of any ingredient that is not in its natural state and will therefore have a short shelf life and tend to change colour over time. I have even come across a brand claiming its ingredients were produced solely with wind power.

Based on feedback over the years, green beauty products are favoured by those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Consideration of people and the planet

The beauty industry is big and it is great that there is growing attention on environmental protection when it comes to packaging and waste.

Our Cosmos and ACO Certified Organic status requires we ensure our product packaging, manufacturing, ingredient sourcing and use of materials meet sustainable performance benchmarks.

This is an area of contention for me. I love beautiful things including product packaging and labelling. However, over the years of feedback from customers who simply throw away packaging, I have been dismayed at the amount of waste this creates. Fact is, in some extravagant cases of brands claiming to be sustainable, the beautiful box a product arrives in may cost more than the actual skincare product inside the bottle. 

We have taken the approach with a mindset of minimal wasteful packaging. We send our wonderful quality lipsticks out in a recyclable pouch not a throwaway printed box.

Why is self-care so important?

I love the idea of self-care and believe taking time for yourself during your busy life is good not just for you, but everyone around you.

Whether you call it slow, clean, conscious or mindful, creating your own practices or habits that allow you to revive yourself are really critical.

For me every night I apply our Six Oils of Rejuvenation, I breathe in the essential oils and relax. Not so much alchemy or a ritual but using your skincare regime to relax, be mindful and pamper yourself.

 Sylvie xx