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Super Fruit Wash-Off Cleanser with Blueberries, Grape Skin and Acai

  • Australian
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Toxic-free
A daily cleansing + lightly exfoliating wash off cleanser to purge impurities and polish to reveal a fresh, glowing healthy skin. Contains a potent, multi-fruit complex to remove dead skin cells.
Sale price$49.95 AUD

Suitable for skin types
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Mature
Skin concerns
Dull skin, Pigmentation, Skin sensitivity, Uneven skin tone
Super Fruit Wash-Off Cleanser with Blueberries, Grape Skin and Acai
Super Fruit Wash-Off Cleanser with Blueberries, Grape Skin and Acai Sale price$49.95 AUD

SCOUT Superfood Signature Blend

Desert Lime

Gives the skin a potent boost of Vitamin C for a brighter, healthier looking appearance, while  neutralises free radicals damage and pigmentation.

Kangaroo Apple

It is a potent anti-inflammatory compound that can help heal and lighten acne scars and balance out redness to softened complexion.

Davidson Plum

It is a potent antioxidant that soothes irritated skin stimulating collagen production for firmer, plumper, smoother skin.


This wonderful cleanser works to dissolve impurities and make-up, the gel texture lathers into a really good foam. The fresh scent leaves behind a calming sensation, It deeply cleanses without drying or irritating my skin and I end up with noticeably clearer skin that feels soft and glowy.

Darlene H.

This cleanser is amazing on my skin. It does not dry my skin out but leaves a lovely fresh feeling. I have been using this for a while now and I would not use any other cleanser ever again.

Michelle S.

I gave this to my teenage daughter and she loves the feel and smell. Plus the organic content is amazing. thank you


A gentle exfoliating cleanser that hydrates the skin without stripping it, helping to combat blemishes and breakouts over time.

Eliminates impurities with a light foam as soft as a cloud, and excess oil, to reveal radiant healthy skin without disturbing the skin barrier.  

Promotes increased cell turnover and collagen production and a brightened complexion.

Creates a healthy skin pH without tightening the skin and maintains skin elasticity leaving skin feeling soft, supple and replenished.

Rich in antioxidants to combat free radicals, caused by sun damage and environmental pollution.   Enhances moisture levels whilst gently removing all traces of makeup, sunscreen, and impurities.

Our Exfoliating Cleanser Also Contains

Acai Berry Oil has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory Anthocyanins, moisture-retaining Omega 3, 6 and 9 and anti-ageing minerals Calcium, Potassium, and Phosphorus to deliver a smoother, youthful-looking skin.

Due to the natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) (Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple) which work to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin,

Rich in Vitamin B, C, E, K, and Manganese this cleanser helps to reveal a fresh, more refined complexion.

Combining Organic Blueberry and Grape Skin Extracts, two of the most antioxidant-rich superfoods, this cleanser helps prevent damage from sun and pollution.

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