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Article: 10 Winter Nail Colours to Try This Season

10 Winter Nail Colours to Try This Season

10 Winter Nail Colours to Try This Season

Winter is coming! It's always an exciting time for fashion when we switch to darker, moodier and deeper colours, whether it's our clothes or makeup.

Burgundy, chocolate, camel and charcoal take over from pastels, following nature and its changing shades. 

And, of course, our nail colour is no exception! The right shade can complete the outfit and brighten even a dark winter's day. While overall, winter nail colours follow the same rules as makeup, we can still be playful and experiment with something fresh and new. 

Need ideas? We've got 10 awesome winter colours to try this season! 

What Colour Nails Should I Get for The Winter? 

When shopping for new nail colours for the winter season, it makes sense to stock up on a variety of shades that you can then match with your outfits. We believe in having a few neutrals and a few bold shades for your winter mani and pedis

Here are the trending neutral colours for winter 2022. 

Shades of grey

This year the Winter nail colour trends include all shades of grey. It's up to you which shade to choose, from shimmery chrome to classic silver to simple and subtle light matt grey; in any case, your nails will be on point!

Grey works with most outfits and can be paired with any outfit, so it's a true Winter staple. 

Must-have SCOUT shades: Head Over Heels, Precious.

Pastel blue 

Light pastel blues are also trending this season, and we love them because these colours remind us of the Winter sky. 

Play around with different shades and find the one that works for you. The great thing about pastel blue is that it works well with dark colours like burgundy or brown, neutrals like beige or dusty rose and bold colours such as red or orange.

Must-have SCOUT shades: Call Me Maybe, Don't You Forget About Me.

Bright shimmery blues

We're not finished talking about blue! Besides the light pastel, the bold shimmery blue is also one of the 2022 nail colours to add to your makeup bag. 

We love this shade for nights out or when you need a little pick me up on a cloudy, dreary day. 

Must-have SCOUT shade: You Oughta Know.


Nudes are consistently among the trending winter nail colours, and this year is no exception. They're versatile, look good on any skin tone and never go out of style. 

Must-have SCOUT shades: Free Ride and Enchanted

Gorgeous Greens

Green is one of the best winter nail colours for fair skin. It's also luxurious, rich and exciting. You can choose from endless beautiful shades such as emerald, deep English green, or olive green. 

This colour works perfectly with your winter beige, brown, black and white clothing as well as with bolder shades like orange or cobalt blue. 

Must-have SCOUT shades: Losing My Religion, Miss Independent, Beautiful Stranger.

Are Bright Nail Colours Ok for Winter?

Classic nudes, greys or blues are not the only popular winter nail colours! Many people wonder whether bright nail colours are ok for winter, and the answer is YES. 

Bright shades bring so much joy, and your statement nails can become the highlight of your entire look. 

Here are the best bright winter nail colours for 2022.


We love any shade of orange for winter nails because it brings a ray of sunshine to even the darkest grey. Choose from bright orange, sandstone, terracotta, or muted orange to fit your style best; either way, you will instantly feel more joyful! 

Must-have SCOUT shade: Steal My Sunshine.

Mustard or light yellow

Another way to bring some sun and warmth to a winter's day is mustard or light yellow nails. This colour looks great even with an all-black outfit and is very popular this season. 

If your skin tone is darker, opt for mustard. If you're on the fairer side - go for light yellow. 

Must-have SCOUT shade: All Star.

Hot Pink 

No, pink is not a Summer or Spring only colour and Winter 2022 calls everyone to try hot pink nails for size! We love this shade with beige, white, grey and black outfits to create some balance and a dash of joyfulness. 

So the next time you're getting a mani, ask for pink!

Must-have SCOUT shade: Yes I Can.

Red Red Red

Red or, more specifically, cherry red is a classic colour everyone should have in their collection. It's very feminine and looks good with pretty much any outfit. 

We love beautiful red nails for work and leisure, and cherry red looks especially good with grey and beige. 

Must-have SCOUT shades: Don't Lose My Number, Passion.

Deep Purple

The last bold colour on our list is deep purple, and it's one of our ultimate favourites! Whether shimmery, metallic or mate, it's simply mesmerising. 

We love it for winter 2022, and we hope so will you! 

Must-have SCOUT shade: Surrender Yourself

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