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Article: Certified Organic Makeup & Skincare Explained

Certified Organic Makeup & Skincare Explained - SCOUT Organic Active Beauty

Certified Organic Makeup & Skincare Explained

Our commitment to quality ingredients and ethical practices throughout our skincare and cosmetics range has always been at the centre of SCOUT’s ethos – but with so many brands in the market today, claiming to be natural, organic or certified organic, this had led to so much confusion leaving customers not knowing what to believe or trust and often miss-led.

I have always been a firm believer in responsibly sourcing our products from environmentally sustainable origins and certifying the organic nature of our products’ natural ingredients through recognised accreditations in order to offer our customers the best quality natural beauty products on the market.

As a result, I wanted to share with you the most important certifications required and what you need to know offering a breakdown of what they mean and how they demonstrate our continued dedication to using sustainable and clean ingredients in all of our skincare and cosmetics products.

Our “Certified Organic” promise

When we were developing our range of natural and cruelty-free products, I wanted to guarantee that each of our products was bursting with the purest, most ethical, and highest quality ingredients, thus we ensure that each product adheres to a high percentage of organic ingredients.

Our Certified Organic promise showcases our transparency and accountability throughout the production cycle of each of our products, so that you can be sure what you are applying to your skin is free from potentially harmful ingredients, such as parabens and mineral oils.

The “Australian Certified Organic” (ACO) label

Our entire Super Food Skincare range is ACO accredited. This certification is an achievement we are very proud of due to the fact that ACO is one of the largest, internationally recognised certifiers in Australasia, only awarded to genuinely clean and ethically produced skincare.

All of our products are produced without harmful ingredients such as sulphates, synthetic colours or silicones and contain between 70% and 95% Certified Organic ingredients to ensure they provide the highest amount of antioxidant support and nourishment to the skin.

The “COSMOS” Certification

Our entire skincare and cosmetics range is also COSMOS certified. COSMOS covers all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing, and control of cosmetic products including origin and processing of ingredients, water quality, storage and packaging, environmental management (waste minimisation and recycling), labelling and communication. It also requires no toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are used in the production of ingredients or manufacturing of products.

The COSMOS label means that you can expect natural, non-genetically modified ingredients, that are free from harmful plastic particles known as nanoparticles. These plastic particles are found within a large amount of products on the market, causing micro-tears on the skin’s surface and also polluting our oceans after they are washed off the skin.

Furthermore, our packaging is environmentally sustainable and as a cruelty-free beauty brand, we abstain from all animal testing.

When it comes to selecting cosmetics and skincare to include in your routine, organic cosmetics are always the better choice. I ensure that every ingredient we include in our products has a specific benefit to the skin and comes from an ethical and sustainable source.

As SCOUT creates a new generation of organic active beauty, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to Certified Organic and responsibly sourced ingredients.

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- Sylvie Hutchings, Creative Director & Founder, Scout Cosmetics