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Article: Elevate Your Skin Radiance at Home

Elevate Your Skin Radiance at Home

Elevate Your Skin Radiance at Home

Self-love, self-care and ‘treating ourselves’ is now a mainstay in our beauty routines. If there is one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic brought home to me, it was that health and wellness is paramount, and beauty & health really do go hand in hand. 

During the early months of the pandemic, my inbox was full of questions from women wanting to know what products would be suitable for their skin type or how they could address certain issues at home without being able to visit a salon. So the team and I put a lot of thought into how we can genuinely make our women lives better.

Benefits Synergy

Their desire for beauty and health solutions prompted me to put together versatile skincare kits at generous prices so they would be accessible to everyone. The kits also ensure that the benefits of each product will complement each other and thus deliver the desired holistic outcome. That’s the unique thing about SCOUT product range.

It is all about the synergy of the products being used in different simple combinations. It allows for them to be used by all skin types, ages and sexes.

Skincare Routine Improvement

The ‘work from home’ requirement led to an exciting development. It became obvious to me that the need for a really cool, super clever skincare device to really take the everyday home-based routine to the next level was a necessary addition. 

Having the Skin Therapy Glow System in your collection completely does away with the need to have a separate Exfoliant.


Shop Skin Therapy Glow System

Skin Therapy Glow System

Why is that? 

When it is used with our two cleansers which have natural AHA’s that is your exfoliation process.

Why it makes sense to include this?

It doesn’t just deep clean the skin. The Rose Quartz side of the device, used in the thermal + sonic mode to massage, implement lymphatic drainage and infuse your serums and oils deeper into your skin. Radiance + Glow guaranteed! Also it is bargain as it's a one-off purchase so you use it over and over again.

Shop Organic & Natural Australian Skincare Kits

Organic & Natural Australian Skincare Kits

Seriously a no brainer I say.  Just check out what Karen had to say after purchasing hers –

 Amazing results already

I’m in my 50’s with fair skin I recently purchased the new skin therapy glow system in pink. I’ve been using the brush for almost a week now & loving it. The cleansing side does an amazing job & I especially like the raised bristles for around the nose. The warm quartz side is my favourite. The heat & massage feels lovely as it glides over my face, definitely pampering. I’m very impressed with the results on my skin so far with a noticeable reduction in the puffiness around my eyes, even my husband has noticed. Excited to keep using this product.”


So, if you are undecided about which products might be best for you, why not check out our SCOUT kits.

To learn more about the benefits of The Skin Therapy Glow System and how to use it, watch a demonstration video, read a full blog post or email me for a quick consultation.

Sylvie X