Enjoy Your Healthy and Plum Lips

We all know wearing a mask was a necessity during COVID and I for one was right on board with it. However, many women I know forgot about lipstick when COVID required us to wear a mask or simply lost the routine when working remotely from home.

Like me they really missed the feeling of confidence that simply popping on your favourite lipstick allows. So why not try a new healthier lipstick that will nourish your lips plus is non-drying, has staying power and look absolutely fantastic.

Empowering ritual

Your smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear and now with masks off it’s definitely the time for your personality to shine bright.

Worse still, your lips are one of your most sensitive facial features and many I spoke to even developed chapped lips on top of the dreaded maskne.

Truth is, for generations women have found applying lipstick and liner an empowering ritual to help them feel ready to face the day, as well as protect their lips.

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Pure Colour Lip Liner

Healthy lips

When creating SCOUT Pure Colour Organic Lipstick, it was incredibly important for me to ensure that our collection was not only glamorous and reflective of current runway trends, but are safe and healthy to use.

A lipstick or liner that is good enough to eat’ and made with natural all vegan ingredients that will lock in moisture and help your lips stay soft and plump.

Ingredients that help boost collagen production and keep lips supple. That provide natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for those who have sensitive skin or experience chapped or sore lips.

Shop Pure Colour Organic Lipstick with Orange, Jojoba, Vitamin E & Shea Butter

Pure Colour Organic Lipstick with Orange, Jojoba, Vitamin E & Shea Butter

The entire SCOUT lipstick range is proudly Australian made and owned, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Also free of many harmful ingredients such as FD&C dyes, heavy metals, artificial colours and petroleum-derived ingredients.

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Sylvie xx