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Article: How to Have Clean & Hydrated Skin Daily

How to Have Clean & Hydrated Skin Daily

How to Have Clean & Hydrated Skin Daily

I’ve always hated that tight skin feeling you get from some well-known brand cleansers. When I was a flight attendant, I spent so much money and wasted effort trying to find the best cleanser. One I could use every day and it effectively removed makeup yet didn’t leave me with that tight, dry feeling. I have to say that this was one of the reasons I developed my own skincare range.

Great skin start with gentle cleansing

Did you know, the build-up of dead skin cells is a major cause of a dull, dry complexion. With addition of everyday yucky pollutants, air-conditioning and a harsh chemical cleanser and you have hit the trifecta for that tired, lifeless skin feeling. Errr, not something anyone wants.

For a long time, my mantra has been "Great makeup starts with great skin and great skin starts with gentle daily cleansing." This was not some genius idea I had, but something I heard the women around me say since I was a teenager.

However, getting the cleanse right causes major stress to women I speak to. So much so that they leave out the cleansing process unless they are wearing makeup and need to remove it.

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Improve your cleansing

Start upping your cleansing game and I guarantee that if you do this every day you will have fresh skin glowing with health. Seriously, not only will you have glowing youthful skin but the simple act of removing the dead skin cells and any surface dirt, enables your skin to better absorb moisturisers and serums and this will help maximise their benefits

But not just any cleanser; a calming daily cleanse + exfoliating wash off cleanser, to purge impurities and lightly polish.

So when I was thinking about the skincare range it was a no brainer that we formulate a product specifically with a multi-fruit complex containing natural Alpha-hydroxy acids that would not only remove impurities but also lift the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Big win here because doing this gets a serious glow happening.

Blueberries, Grape and Acai are fantastic because they are naturally high in antioxidants and keep free radicals at bay. They strengthen the skin barrier, boost collagen production and you guessed it, this will give you a plump, well hydrated more youthful appearance.

Here’s what Amelia had to say:

"ADDICTED TO THE SMELL This cleanser is out of this world. As soon as you open the bottle you can tell you are smelling genuine, organic botanicals and super foods straight from nature. No perfume can fake the smell of real, natural ingredients.

I like to apply it at the beginning of my shower and leave it on throughout, so I can have the scent on my face the entire time. The cleanser is divine.

It goes on the skin and lathers slightly as you rub it in. It is not like exfoliants that contain grainy bits to scrape your skin away - instead, it is a smooth liquid containing natural ingredients that gently work away the dead skin. And unlike other exfoliants, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight, but supple and renewed. LOVE this product."  Amelia, Umina Beach

Trust me on this one, get your cleansing right and you won’t look back.

Sylvie xx