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Article: 12 Tips to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping

12 Tips to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping

12 Tips to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping

Does this sound familiar? You've done a beautiful job with your manicure, and your nails look glossy and pretty...for a day or two. 

It's pretty frustrating, but here you are, going through the same process again, mumbling, "how is the nail polish chipping already" under your breath! There must be something to help it last longer! 

We feel you, and that's why today we're talking about at-home manicures and ways to improve and keep your nail polish from chipping. 

The great news is that these tips are super easy to follow and implement and do not require extra tools or equipment.

How to Keep Nail Polish From Chipping? 

So how to make nail polish last longer and say goodbye to nail polish chipping forever? Here are our top 12 tips! 

Wash Your Hands 

If you're asking yourself why your nail polish is chipping so fast, you may not be washing your hands before you apply nail polish. Your nails have natural oils that may prevent polish from adhering correctly, so wash your hands with soap and water before starting your manicure.

Moisturise Your Nails but Not Before Applying Polish

If your nails are weak, brittle and dry, their surface is not great for the nail polish to adhere. That's why you need to be taking care of your nails and moisturise them daily after each time you wash your hands.

Use a nourishing cream with coconut oil or shea butter and really rub and massage it into the nail. You can also use cuticle oil or plain coconut oil. - this will keep your nails strong, shiny, long and healthy.

Don't Use Toxic Nail Polish

Low-quality toxic nail polish will not adhere well and will chip and peel, so one of the best ways to keep nail polish from chipping is to use a better quality nail polish with a non-toxic formula that allows your nails to breathe. Remember that even the most expensive nail polish can still be harmful and chip in just a day or two, so it's not about the price!


Breathable Super Food Infused Nail Polish

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Our non-toxic Breathable Super Food Infused Nail Polish with 82% plant based formula is enriched with organic superfood ingredients and helps to stimulate nail growth with a long-lasting smooth nail finish that lasts. 

Buff and File Your Nails Properly

Don't be too harsh when filing your nails - you're not a carpenter with a saw! Gently buff your nails from the outside ridge towards the centre so you don't cause additional breakage and peeling. Use a smooth sponge file for that extra protection. 

Are you one of those people who skip filing altogether? It's time to change that because filing the nails helps get rid of the ridges and makes them glossy and smooth.

Don't Go Overboard With Nail Polish 

If you apply too much nail polish, it will not only take forever to dry, but it will also be more susceptible to bumps and chips and will look messy and thick.

Be conscious of how much nail polish you take on the brush and how many strokes you do. Our best advice is to do three strokes, allowing the layer to dry and then repeating once or twice (not more!).

Don't worry if the first layer is streaky or uneven because you can fix it with the second one!  

How do you know if the layer has dried? You're good to go if the nail has a glossy shine instead of looking wet.

Use a Base and Topcoat

For a long-lasting manicure and healthier nails, you need to start and finish your manicures with a base and topcoat. It will fill the ridges, protect and strengthen nails, and prime them for nail polish.  

Our Dual Base & Top Coat with Celery Seed & Camellia Oil breathable formula smooths the nail's ridged surface and acts as a double-sided sticky layer that holds fast to both the nail and the colour.


Dual Base & Top Coat with Celery Seed & Camellia Oil

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Be Meticulous With It

Some women think that since the top coat is see-through, they can apply it without paying too much attention or care. If you're not meticulous, the top coat will dry out improperly and can cause ridging and the areas where you might have skipped, will chip faster.

Seal The Tip 

Before you finish your manicure, make sure you seal the tip of the nails horizontally with your top coat to protect it from chipping. 

Let The Polish Set 

Once you're done with your manicure, take some time for it to set before going about your business. It may take a few hours, especially for manicures with a couple of coats, so avoid water (dishwashing etc.) and other manual labour tasks that may damage the nail polish, oh and don’t go diving into your handbag!!

Don't Shake The Nail Polish Bottle

We know it's pretty fun to shake the nail polish bottle, but if you do it too much, you'll create air bubbles that will affect the application and later make nails chip faster. 

Simply roll the bottle in your hands!

Don't Use Acetone Polish Remover

Nail polish remover with acetone and acetate is harmful to the nails, weakening them and causing chipping and flaking. If your nails are unhealthy, there's no nail polish in the world to make them look good. 

Our Nail Polish Remover with Kiwi Fruit, Rose Water & Aloe Vera is odourless and acetone and acetate free. It boosts your nail health while effectively removing nail polish.


Nail Polish Remover with Kiwi Fruit, Rose Water & Aloe Vera

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Infused with Kiwi Fruit, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Calcium, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, the Nail Polish Remover softens the skin and strengthens the nails whilst removing all types of nail polish colours.

Don't Dip Your Hands in Cold Water

It's an urban myth that dipping your nails in cold water will make nail polish dry faster. It may seem that way but I have never found this to work effectively and may even make them look a little dull.   

Positioning your hands in front of a mini fan might help to dry a little faster but my favourite way is to find a good movie and be patient about the whole drying process!