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What are we doing to help the environment?

What are we doing to help the environment?

Actions speak louder than words.

 At SCOUT Organic Active Beauty®, we strive to be your innovative clean-conscious beauty choice, using effective native Australian botanical ingredients complemented by advances in ‘healthy aging’ cosmetic science.

Our Cosmos and ACO Certified Organic status requires we ensure our product packaging, manufacturing, ingredient sourcing and use of materials meet sustainable performance benchmarks.

As sustainability is standard business practice at SCOUT,we wanted to go further with our reduce and recycle mantra.

So when shipping our beautiful cosmetics and skincare to you, we strive to make sure your order travels safely, speedily and sustainably.

 To this end, we:

  • Take a considered approach to product packaging where appropriate based on customer feedback
  • Ship with sustainable recycled Auspost plastic satchels not virgin plastics
  • Use shredded recycled paper filling not synthetic plastic beads
  • Protect your order in reusable mailer boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard
  • Use shipping materials that are close to the right size for your order

Beautiful for people and safe the planet.